San Francisco Alliance for My Brother & Sister’s Keeper (“The Alliance”) consists of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, The San Francisco Foundation, San Francisco Unified School District, Office of Supervisor Malia Cohen and the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.

The Alliance leads our Champions Board, Justice Policy Committee, and Community Partners listed below assist with research and capacity-building and provide technical assistance to our stakeholders. 


Champions board

The Alliance Co-Chairs Mayor Lee, Superintendent Vincent Matthews, Supervisor Cohen and Fred Blackwell convene our Champions Board to drive, sustain and champion the systems change required by our Plan.

The Board consists of thirty-three Champions representing community organizations, city agencies and youth leadership. A diverse cross-section of influencers work to: build community, lift up best practices and hold each other accountable. The Champions Board is advanced, supported and held accountable by a backbone of facilitators, fellows and advisors.

Champions participate in a year-long learning community with a common core curriculum pioneered by Dr. Ken Hardy, including shared language, assumptions, and dialogue about race, trauma and disparity. In the learning community, members work to understand and are trained to respond to the complex ways in which power, privilege and structural racism shape city systems, workforce, and individual outcomes. 

The Champions Board meets quarterly to update members on progress, data, and resource use. The final quarterly meeting, held each year in March, is open to the public.

In order to confront systems of persistent inequity, we need powerful, committed and compassionate Champions. We believe that systems change depends on embedded champions at all levels to support, apply and sustain the application of The Alliance's principles into the citywide workforce charged with achieving the mission.

Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services

Our Children Our Families

Mayor’s Office Housing Community Development

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Department of Public Health - Children, Youth, and Families System of Care

Department of Children, Youth, and Their Families

Department of Public Health

Community Collaboratives:

Pacific Islander Community

Black to the Future

United Playaz

Roadmap to Peace


Justice Policy committee

Collective Impact

Mayor’s Office

Department of Police Accountability

San Francisco Police Department

Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) - Communities in Harmony Advocating for Learning and Kids


community Partners


African American Achievement & Leadership Initiative

Forward Change

Flourish Agenda

Urban Strategies Council